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A letter from the breeder to the rehomer…

I am a member of many of these “OTTB” groups on social media, and do so hoping to be a voice from the inside, one that can maybe answer questions on pedigree, or connect these people with their horses breeder or owner – usually in the hopes of a foal picture or some information on a quirk. I tell each of them to please … Read More A letter from the breeder to the rehomer…

Taking a Hit.

On May 18th, 2011, I received a phone call at 3AM from my nightwatch Shayna in tears screaming at me to come to Barn 5.  We had just foaled our last mare of 30 the previous night, and there was only one other horse in the barns for her to check – so I immediately knew what was happening – Perfect was finally bleeding … Read More Taking a Hit.

My boy Larry.

I consider myself a strong advocate for the thoroughbred industry, and have stood behind the industry more times than I can count in the past few years as it is attacked from every side – the economy, journalism, extremist groups like PETA, and yet there is one horse in my virtual stable that constantly makes me question everything I defend: Marilyn’s Guy. Just a … Read More My boy Larry.

Be The Match

So for the past few weeks I have noticed (with a smile) that The National Bone Marrow Donor Registry, now known under the Be The Match Campaign, popping up on my facebook, my newspaper, and my television.  Robin Roberts, her brave public battle against myelodysplastic syndrome, and her treatment plan of a bone marrow transplant, all brought a shining spotlight onto the Be The … Read More Be The Match

This one time, I ran a marathon.

So I woke up this morning, groggy and still half asleep, stumbled over Heathen 1 and Heathen 2, gave them their 762 pounds of kibble, and stumbled to my chair to peruse “The News” ie Facebook.  One of the first things to pop up on my newsfeed was that one of my best friends from college was fundraising with Team in Training to run … Read More This one time, I ran a marathon.

The Thoroughbred: A Torrid Love Affair

When I was 12 years old I was asked the hardest question of my young life:  western, or english.  See, up until this point I had the “It Pony” Chocolate.  Also affectionately known as “The Devil,” “Spawn of Satan,” or simply “Bucker.”  Chocolate was an amazing little 11hh mutt of a pony who did it all: he jumped, he did western pleasure, we drove, … Read More The Thoroughbred: A Torrid Love Affair

The Pony From Hell.

So until something else traumatic happens to me, a la yesterday, I shall give you a bit of backstory into my life and just why I have turned into the slightly awkward, boisterous, and at times inappropriate human being that I am.  I was raised by two stellar individuals: my father – a basketball playing, fly fishing, Miller lite drinking surgeon who resembled a young Chevy Chase and … Read More The Pony From Hell.

An Introduction…

Ahhh…so here I go, finally taking ahold of the reins of something that I have threatened to do for years: write a blog.  All of you reading this can thank my manfriend, as he has now “promised” (this will never happen) me that he would quitting sucking on cancer sticks if I gave up my own life-killing addiction, el book a la face, on … Read More An Introduction…