Month: March 2017

The Good Ones

I had an English writing professor once tell me, “write what you know.” It was in a Creative Nonfiction class, and he was telling us that our personal stories were the greatest. We knew our own memories the best. And because of that, we could explain the scenery and the emotion because we could still feel it. There was no better person to tell … Read More The Good Ones


Winning even when you’re losing 

I left the ring with a huge grin on my face, and signaled my student with a thumb’s up as we made eye contact. I knew she was nervous about my reactions – as four of those pesky sticks had come down during our round.  And for a horse who rarely has ONE rail, nonetheless FOUR, my friends were on abated breath to see … Read More Winning even when you’re losing 

The Shuttle Show

Within the past month, social media has become a frenzy of opinions. From politics to ponies, and everything in between. It wasn’t abnormal by any means– at least not if you consider yourself a horse person. But there was one abnormal topic. A topic that caught fire in the frenzy not once–but twice. Stallion Shuttling. With the announcement of American Pharoah heading to Australia, … Read More The Shuttle Show


Surfing the wave.

I wrote a few months ago about my struggle setting goals, and how for the first time in a long time I was forcing myself too. I was riding the peak of a high – having taken both my seasoned veteran and my hardass youngin’ to a local jumper show.  The seasoned veteran proven to me why he has been my go-to man for … Read More Surfing the wave.


A circle complete

I was once told that I was anti-racing. That because I was a part of the second career movement, I obviously didn’t respect the first. That because I believed in not pushing for one more race that I didn’t cheer for the twenty before it. And that it, just simply, wrong. I won’t lie and say that I don’t respect the second career.  I do. … Read More A circle complete