Month: August 2016

Couples Therapy Part 2: The Grey Area

I wrote the first installment of my blog entitled Couples Therapy  last week.  It was the end of a long month where my horse and I battled constantly.  He hated to be groomed, he hated to be caught.  He hated to walk hack, to flat, to jump.  And I was over it. I didn’t crave the ride that I had previously. I went to the barn … Read More Couples Therapy Part 2: The Grey Area

Couples Therapy

“He hit me again.” “Can you see this bruise?” “It wasn’t his fault, I was in his way.” These were the messages my girlfriends received most of the last two weeks. And if it was anybody else, any other woman – in this entire world, their responses would have been different. I would have been told to go to the nearest shelter, or call 911. … Read More Couples Therapy


Riding isn’t a sport… or is it?

“Riding isn’t a sport,” the article reads. “YA?  Well you try to control a 1200 lb horse with your pinkie,” the meme retorts. “Why doesn’t Valegro get the medal?  He did all of the work?” “Oh my gosh.  If you think riding is so easy, why don’t you come ride my horse?  He’ll show you how hard it is!”   These are the conversations … Read More Riding isn’t a sport… or is it?


A relationship built on trust…

We have all been in a trust exercise at some point in our lives.  The boss of your latest employment gathers your coworkers, or the RA your freshman year of college gathered your fellow undergrads.  They talk of how trust is so essential in the functionality of your “team” – and whether that is in selling medical supplies, or being a cohesive unit of … Read More A relationship built on trust…


Love the one you’re with…

I went on vacation last week, and as a guilty pleasure, I picked up one of my moms romance novels.  It was titled “Love The One You’re With” and by Emily Giffin.  About a woman who reconnects with an old lover and through a tumultuous summer, contemplates leaving her nice, comfortable, and lovely husband for the thrill of the ex. A man that brought … Read More Love the one you’re with…