Month: December 2014

Making the best of what’s around: A Christmas Story.

My senior year of college was one of high stress – besides the obvious of taking upper level classes to finish my degree in biology, my father was bravely battling cancer, my vet school applications were due, and my life was one meeting or exam after another – so Christmas Break was like a bright light at the end of a tunnel.  My father was … Read More Making the best of what’s around: A Christmas Story.

From, Ramrod.

I have written so much of my love, and eventual loss, of my father six years ago – and hinted on the fact that my one true passion – horses, were the bane of his existence.  It was our one true disagreement, the one chip in an otherwise perfect father/daughter relationship.  But where he was the man in my life who was quick to … Read More From, Ramrod.

Rules to Horse Shopping

I have read the many posts written lately on the trials and tribulations of selling horses, and started giggling as I realized that most of these complaints (don’t fight price, don’t harass sellers after 9PM, etc) were the least of most of our worries.  And by our, I mean any one who has ever sold a horse. I am not a professional rider, nor … Read More Rules to Horse Shopping