Month: August 2018

The Back 40

A few weeks ago, I pulled my talented horses shoes. So many of you have followed along with my journey with Nixon, and waited in anticipation for the great things we would do. You wanted to see us go to Rolex, or at least win a 1*. And I understand why.  Nixon is extremely athletic. He is talented to a fault. He can prance … Read More The Back 40


I am a perfectionist. Sure, my house is filthy. And yes, my truck is full of dirty bandages and 17 pairs of shoes. But, perfectionists aren’t always obsessed with cleanliness. Instead, I’m obsessed with doing a good job. I hate criticism and I despise being told I messed up. And this carries into so many aspects of my life, and makes me turn into … Read More Perfectionism


Happy Birthday, JJ.

I met this young girl a few years ago.  I had seen her at shows previously, but never knew who she was. She was always the one on the rail with a camera strapped around her neck or blocking her face. She was always in breeches although I rarely saw her on a horse. And she was always wearing the same hat…every time. I … Read More Happy Birthday, JJ.