Month: July 2017


The Horse I Couldn’t Quit

Five years ago I took on an off the track thoroughbred with the idea that he would be an easy flip. Some quick cash. A safety net for my savings account. Four and a half years ago I decided he was too much fun to sell right away. We would play for some time. He was such a joy to be around. Last summer, … Read More The Horse I Couldn’t Quit


Everything will be ok…

I have a severe rash covering 80% of my body. It’s been on me on and off since I was 13 years old. It stumped the dermatologists in my small town of Meadville, Pa and they sent me off to the Cleveland Clinic, hoping to get some answers and relieve me of my pain.  When I was 13 it covered my arm pits, my … Read More Everything will be ok…


A Come to Jesus

The best thing that ever happened to me was graduating college in the recession. It was 2008, and I was one of those kids that entered school with high aspirations of six figure jobs and Doctor in front of my name.  I had gone to a fantastic, albit extremely expensive liberal arts school – one that cost more for four years of education than what … Read More A Come to Jesus