Month: June 2016


For the Love of the Horse

I got the text message yesterday afternoon.  I had known about the neglect case for quite some time, and my good friend Carrie Gilbert had been in the thick of it for months. A horse named Silver Cliff that she had rehomed for a friend was located at the farm, and was in bad shape.  For months Carrie had been speaking with anyone she … Read More For the Love of the Horse

A life unfolding.

I’ve never met her, but I know him. I don’t know if she likes vanilla or chocolate ice cream.  Or if she prefers rap music over country.  I have never asked her if her parents are married or divorced. But I know that he hates flower pots.  I know that it took two weeks to convince him to eat sweet feed.  I know that his … Read More A life unfolding.


Hack It Out

I was at a dressage show a few weeks ago, and after schooling in the ring on Friday night, I took Nixon for a hack around the Kentucky Horse Park. This is pretty standard for how we work, with a good ride being rewarded with a loose rein. Nixon enjoys it, it recharges his brain, and it restores my inner cowgirl-getting me out of … Read More Hack It Out

When Opposites Attract

I was meandering down the lane-way, sitting astride a pony that I didn’t own and didn’t particularly care for, when I looked up and smiled.  Because what I saw was a testament to so many things. Friends on friends.  Good horses that persevere.  Humans that persevere for them. My girlfriends had asked to go for a hack, and I quickly agreed – acknowledging that … Read More When Opposites Attract

Hunters for Dummies: One Eventers Guide to the World of Draw Reins, Samshields, and Pearls

So an eventer, a dressage rider, and a hunter walk into a bar….Just kidding.  It was just me. I walked into the bar.  Only the bar was my home, and the bartender was my boyfriend.  Too broke to afford a real drink, or a designer beer — the money had been drained from my account into the pockets of Hunterland. And as I grabbed … Read More Hunters for Dummies: One Eventers Guide to the World of Draw Reins, Samshields, and Pearls

A letter to my 15 year old (barnrat) self…

I just turned 30 this year.  And yet 30 – while it sounds so old — feels so good. When I was 15, I thought that by 30 I would be an accomplished veterinarian, a phenomenal and competitive rider.  Married with two kids, and a mega mansion with a 15 stall barn. I thought that I would be married to Leonardo DiCaprio, and that … Read More A letter to my 15 year old (barnrat) self…


Fairy Godmothers

I am blessed. I have learned that the only way out is through. And that the only way to get through is with a smile on your face, and to be surrounded by good people. The horse industry is full of them.  Good men and women who are there to hold a horse, grab a bucket, or run back to the barn for a … Read More Fairy Godmothers