Month: April 2017


The definition of sane

One of my motto’s in life is that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I apply this to my professional life, my personal life, my relationships, and my horses. If I study the same way for my exams, and repeatedly get C’s, it is no ones fault but my own, and I should probably … Read More The definition of sane


The untold stories

A few weeks ago, I received a Facebook message. It was a screen shot of a status itself, and simply a cutout of a comment.  A comment written in a lot of rage.  A comment about me. The woman commenting was stating that I was a horrible human being due to the fact that I falsely spread stories about thoroughbred breeders and owners who … Read More The untold stories

Big horse/little human problems

I have a big horse.   Heck, he’s not just a big horse, he’s one of the tallest thoroughbreds I have had the pleasure to work with-and that’s saying something.  Kennedy is 17.3hh, he is grey, and he is a gentle giant–leading facebook friends and blog readers around the world to fall in love with him and affectionately refer to him as The Elephant. … Read More Big horse/little human problems


The Rat Race

I can remember being 16 years old, and feeling the tears streaming down my face. I can remember walking off of the cross country course with my head hanging down, and my pelvis tipped forward, as waves of tears wracked my body. And as we walked past the fields full of horses that lined the cross country course at Erie Hunt & Saddle Club, … Read More The Rat Race

The Three Ring Circus

Two and a half years ago, I accomplished a goal so few of us get to: I got my horse back.  But the horse that I had kissed good-bye at the age of 4 didn’t return to me.  Where he was once glistening a steel grey, he was now almost white.  Where he had once rippled with athleticism, he came home sore and thin. … Read More The Three Ring Circus