Month: March 2018


It’s not how, it’s why

I hear it all the time. “How do you do it?”  “How do you make time for it?” “How do you juggle it all?” And every time, I laugh. Because to me, it isn’t a question of how, but why.  Three inches of snow fell today in Lexington, Kentucky, and was still coming down at 4pm when I left the lab-having started my day … Read More It’s not how, it’s why


Shattering the glass ceiling 

A week ago, I was invited to speak to aspiring equine industry members on the topic of communications. Scientist, I am. Farm manager, I am. OTTB retrainer, I am. Communications person, I am not. Yes, I am a blogger. And yes, I got a dual degree from my alma mater-one in both biology and creative English writing, but I felt as though I was … Read More Shattering the glass ceiling