Month: July 2016

Cross train

I got the text message last week. “Do you want to run barrels after you’re done judging the hunter show?” My friend Amy wrote. I was traveling back to my old stomping grounds of the Crawford County fairgrounds to judge her Denim and Dust Hunter Schooling Show, a part of their Weekend Extravaganza. Hunters on Saturday, Poles, Barrels and Keyhole Saturday night, and all … Read More Cross train

A Barn Family

I can remember the woman striding towards me down the cement aisle way, the heels of her paddock boots clinking with each step.  Her bright blue eyes squinting into the dark of the interior of a barn, and her black hair swinging along with her hips.  She pounded the pavement to my location, hovering in my horses stall. “What are you doing?  Why do … Read More A Barn Family


A new perspective

A few weeks ago I wrote about the equine neglect case occurring right here in the Horse Capitol of the World.  Immediately after the news stories, the social media posts, and the blogs came out, numerous comments were left underneath of that fact that more aftercare was needed in the racing industry.  That we need to do better in taking care of our own. … Read More A new perspective