Month: May 2016


Defending the suck

I was emailed by the United States Equestrian Federation last week with an inquiry.  Someone had filed a complaint into my amateur status, and they were asking for a rebuttal.  How did I wish to respond to these statements?  Could I defend myself? I responded back to the USEF with a bulleted list of responses.  I told them that I had in fact managed … Read More Defending the suck


The War Horse

I can only write what I know.  And what I know is that there are good people in this world.  I know that decent human beings exist in the horse business.  I have heard that there are bad guys out there, but none of them have directly interacted with me.  Instead, I have been blessed to surround myself with the good guys. Quiet, unassuming, … Read More The War Horse


Judging a book by its cover (or record)

I own a (very) successful graded stakes winner.  He is opinionated, tough, massive, and strong.  He was taught at a young age that he is a champion.  He was told that he was a great.  That he was the best.  And he got away with murder. That horse is now seven years old, and it has taken almost a year of retraining for me … Read More Judging a book by its cover (or record)

Left to left

  I knew the news was bad about Philippa hours before it was ever released.  I was doing what I always do on the weekends of the “big ones.”  Scrolling through Eventing Nation, constantly refreshing, trying to see the latest update or the most recent scores.  My trainer Allie was four or five riders away in the 3*, and I just wanted to know … Read More Left to left


A life full of bumps, bucks, and turns

I heard the news today and the wind was sucked from my body.  My mind raced through years of memories, and my heart broke into two.  The world’s best/worst pony had finally left us; Chocolate had passed away. This heathen of a pony was the original love of my life.  I had inherited him as so many others do – through my trainers daughters … Read More A life full of bumps, bucks, and turns

An ode to the horse mom on Mother’s Day

Dear Mom, Thank you for buying me that worthless Shetland pony when I was three years old. For driving us to our grandparents on the weekend and teaching us to tack up, sit up, and ride. For picking me up and drying my tears when said pony decided she had had enough. For finding a local trainer and signing me up for real lessons … Read More An ode to the horse mom on Mother’s Day


Nearness to greatness

It’s like witnessing the Northern Light’s while sitting in the southern hemisphere.  Or experiencing the perfect day, followed by a spectacular sunset.  Like the most amazing vacation, only to find out that it’s fully paid for. It just doesn’t happen. But it is happening this weekend. The stars are aligning. There is a horse in not only both the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky … Read More Nearness to greatness

The greatest distraction possible…

  Yesterday morning, I loaded up two horses.  One to journey 400 miles away, as he adventured off into hunter land in Middleburg, Virgina.  The other to travel only 30, to yet another clinic with the superb and amazing Doug Payne. I knew that this was the best strategy to get through the otherwise devastating day – by staying busy and distracted – two things … Read More The greatest distraction possible…