Month: December 2018

2018: The Year of Confusion

A few weeks ago, I broke down in front of my PhD advisor. I felt lost. Trapped. Confused and unsure of where to go. And we spoke for hours. About what had brought me to this place, and which direction to take towards the future. Mats had moved past the place of boss and had become something of a father figure to me. At … Read More 2018: The Year of Confusion

The Makeover: Is The Risk Worth The Reward?

I was recently asked by a friend if the Thoroughbred Makeover was worth it. Was it worth the cost? The time? The exhaustion, the nerves, the pressure? And I told her that if her goal was to have this single horse show be a goal to finish the year on, rather than the end all-be all of her horses life, then yes. If you … Read More The Makeover: Is The Risk Worth The Reward?