Month: December 2016


Handing out a detention…

We have all been there.  You are sent to the principals office, or a report card comes in the mail.  You come home with a detention slip that needs to be signed, or hell, make that one phone call from jail. And while your mother runs around in a fit, yelling and screaming about why, and how, and for God’s sakes  – with whom, … Read More Handing out a detention…


The Best of 2016

I was tagged in a post yesterday to alert me to the fact that one of my blogs was the second most read in the “Amateurs Like Us” section of Chronicle of the Horse.  This brought me a smile to my face, and I literally giggled out loud in glee. I started this blog in 2013 as a joke.  My boyfriend had begged me to … Read More The Best of 2016


Because of Empire Maker…

I am the confident rider that I am because of Empire Maker. I learned to love thoroughbred sport horses again because of Empire Maker. And I met Lindsey Walczak because of Empire Maker. I had posted of my horse Dynamaker on the Retired Racehorse Project’s website in their Bloodline Brag. Getting Mak at the age of four had been one of the best decisions … Read More Because of Empire Maker…


Have yourself a merry little Christmas

The holidays are hard. I sit here on the 12th of December, knowing that Christmas is just two weeks away.  The duties that I am required to do are mostly finished.  Presents are purchased.  The tree is up. My travel arrangements are made to go visit family and friends. And yet there is something always lurking.  Always missing. Something that loss brings to you, … Read More Have yourself a merry little Christmas


Steady Eddie

The life of a broodmare manager is not a glamorous one – which means that the life of the significant other to a broodmare manager isn’t either. Sun up to sundown the work is hard, demanding, and it never ends.  And that is just during daylight.  Once dusk settles, the real labor begins.  The mares are programmed to undergo parturition in darkness – both … Read More Steady Eddie

The facts behind science, and the science behind facts.

I just left a meeting where one of the highest faculty members of my department said something both resoundingly honest and yet fantastically appalling “We live in a society where facts and data are not even considered.” And those of us around the roundtable giggled, acknowledging that he was referencing the current climate of our nation and the most recent presidential election.  And then … Read More The facts behind science, and the science behind facts.