Month: February 2017

Clipping my way through school

“How much will it cost if you do the whole thing?” “About $150. I’m just doing this to pay my way through grad school.” “Uh huh. Sure. We’ll see you back here next weekend….” That is the conversation that I watched be repeated most weekends during the winter. The weathered old men eyeing me up and down as I saunter down the shed row. … Read More Clipping my way through school


Need More Cowbell

“What do we need?” “MORE COWBELL!” These are the words that echo in my mind each time I ride Nixon and he is in one of “his moods.” I own a very forward horse. Some would even say the most forward horse. A horse that by all other means should now be standing in a chandelier draped breeding shed in Lexington, Kentucky and covering … Read More Need More Cowbell


Struggle bus

In most aspects of life, I am an extremely goal oriented person. I am as competitive as they come, and constantly striving to better myself. I want to be the best of the best. But more importantly, I need to be the best me I can be. And yet somehow, I own horses. And horses have the ability to make even the most type-A … Read More Struggle bus


Vicious cycles

One of my students came up to me a few weeks ago and started listing her goals for the season. And being a goal oriented person I was intrigued to hear her own. Claire had gotten a thoroughbred off the track or year ago, and had struggled with him all year. She had reached out to me last summer after I had written of … Read More Vicious cycles