Month: April 2016

Sophie’s Choice

I made one of the hardest decisions of my life yesterday.  My own personal Sophie’s Choice.  Choosing between two beings that I considered sons, with no real perfect answer.  I sold Mak. I sit here with tears streaming down my face as I write this, and I know that so many who are reading will never truly understand my decision.  But let me first … Read More Sophie’s Choice

The one that got away

I lost a horse once.  It was both heartbreaking, devastating, and alarming – but more importantly, I had absolutely no idea how to solve the problem.  He was gone from the equine stratosphere, and no amount of internet or Facebook searches led me to his re-discovery.  To compound my grief and disparity, I was tightly linked to his breeder, his race owner, and his … Read More The one that got away

Wide open spaces

I can still feel the dew from the grass as it seeps into my crepe sole Ariat’s and the jingling of my rowels as I made my way to the corral’s.  The fog lifting from the stream and stocked ponds, and the sound of the mule’s gently munching their hay from the pack shed.  Picking up a quick cup of coffee from the kitchen … Read More Wide open spaces

What is perfect?

The days following last weekends wreck of an event were spent in a bipolar state  of emotions.  I was bummed with Nixon for getting eliminated, proud of myself for at least attempting to compete, worried about a dear friend who had had a rough fall on XC day and had taken a trip to the hospital in the back of an ambulance, enraged by comments … Read More What is perfect?

I can’t quit you.

What makes you happy?  Is it a long walk with your dog at the end of a hard day?  Is it cooking dinner for your loved ones while enjoying a glass of wine?  Or is it getting covered in horse hair, climbing into your truck, and driving home while singing Sam Hunt at the top on your lungs – your muscles tired and pulling. … Read More I can’t quit you.

Putting your money where your mouth is: Support equine research.

I walked off of the cross country course yesterday with my head hanging low and my reins swinging on my horses neck.  Having never even broken a sweat, Nixon strode out strongly, not comprehending that I was upset.  In his mind, he had done fine.  He had jumped all of the jumps – just not on the first try.  He had galloped out strongly, … Read More Putting your money where your mouth is: Support equine research.