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Cloning and Genetic Engineering: Will It Affect Future Olympic Teams?

I’m sure by now, many of you have seen the video about cloning and genetic engineering. Published by the World Economic Forum in a short 60 second video, it proclaimed that a company was only two years from producing the first genetically engineered super horse.  That through the use of cloning and altering the genome of our great runners and jumpers, we could produce … Read More Cloning and Genetic Engineering: Will It Affect Future Olympic Teams?


Why I BILLieve

In 1988 my father bought season tickets to the Buffalo Bills. Twenty years later, in 2008 he passed away three days before the season opening game. And ten years after that, the Buffalo Bills are making their first playoff bid in my adult life.  It’s 2018. It’s time to BILLieve again. Right after my dad was diagnosed with AML, I had a writing professor … Read More Why I BILLieve


Solid Foundation

About two weeks ago, I sold a horse. It’s been a few years since I have actually sold one, although a few have been for sale, and one even left my care only to return quickly. And through that processes: the showings, the vettings, the negotiations, the panicked phone calls and the trek to Virginia, I started to think that maybe horse sales were … Read More Solid Foundation


We will be back.

I awakened on Friday morning and just stared at the comments. Thursday evening had been spent in a state of distress; a state of overwhelming fear, sadness, and this sick sense of loss.  I am not good at ignoring things. I am not good at not doing. I am not good at sitting on my hands. I am not good at being still while … Read More We will be back.

Blame the Breeder

On Thanksgiving Day, while the turkey roasted and my family gathered, my significant other and I huddled on the couch with shoulders touching and a tiny iPhone in front of us. We screamed at the tiny screen, and smacked our thighs as a plain bay swapped leads and surged to the front of the field.  And when he streaked past the finish line with … Read More Blame the Breeder


Five Things I Learned In Graduate School That I Never Knew As A Farm Manager

With the Northern Hemisphere breeding season fast approaching, I am seeing more and more comments on various social media platforms that make my eyes roll back in my head.  With the invention of globalized news and social media platforms, it appears as though every one is an expert in the world of breeding, raising, and owning horses, and although their opinions from the outside … Read More Five Things I Learned In Graduate School That I Never Knew As A Farm Manager

Mind Your Manners

I woke up this morning to numerous Facebook messages.  From various people.  Various industry affiliations.  Various ways in which they were connected to me. And all were writing of the same thing:  The Denny Emerson Drama. And I clicked on the links sending me to his Facebook page, or Doug Payne’s status and just sat at my desk with my jaw dropped. I slowly … Read More Mind Your Manners