Month: November 2015


Sisters by barn…

I can remember it like it was yesterday. The age of five, wearing purple Wranglers at a dusty fairgrounds. I had gone to this Western Pennsylvania Quarter Horse Show with my Aunt Holly and Uncle Bob, most likely as an excuse to get me out of my mother’s hair. They were both ambitiously competing for another AQHA title, and like any young girl, I … Read More Sisters by barn…


Retraining, not rescuing, the modern day thoroughbred

In the few weeks since I have placed Nixon (Called To Serve, the winner of the dressage discipline at the RRP TB Makeover) on the market, I have been barraged by comments about how he will fall through the cracks due to the fact that I am selling him. ┬áLet me start by saying how insulting this is to an owner, a trainer, a … Read More Retraining, not rescuing, the modern day thoroughbred