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We will be back.

I awakened on Friday morning and just stared at the comments. Thursday evening had been spent in a state of distress; a state of overwhelming fear, sadness, and this sick sense of loss.  I am not good at ignoring things. I am not good at not doing. I am not good at sitting on my hands. I am not good at being still while … Read More We will be back.

Blame the Breeder

On Thanksgiving Day, while the turkey roasted and my family gathered, my significant other and I huddled on the couch with shoulders touching and a tiny iPhone in front of us. We screamed at the tiny screen, and smacked our thighs as a plain bay swapped leads and surged to the front of the field.  And when he streaked past the finish line with … Read More Blame the Breeder


Five Things I Learned In Graduate School That I Never Knew As A Farm Manager

With the Northern Hemisphere breeding season fast approaching, I am seeing more and more comments on various social media platforms that make my eyes roll back in my head.  With the invention of globalized news and social media platforms, it appears as though every one is an expert in the world of breeding, raising, and owning horses, and although their opinions from the outside … Read More Five Things I Learned In Graduate School That I Never Knew As A Farm Manager

Mind Your Manners

I woke up this morning to numerous Facebook messages.  From various people.  Various industry affiliations.  Various ways in which they were connected to me. And all were writing of the same thing:  The Denny Emerson Drama. And I clicked on the links sending me to his Facebook page, or Doug Payne’s status and just sat at my desk with my jaw dropped. I slowly … Read More Mind Your Manners


The cherry on top.

“I hauled him back and tacked him up, hesitantly walking to the warm-up. I was petrified of even the most minor error. A bad distance. A downed rail. Or GASP, a stop. But even in my blind terror, in the back of my mind I knew I had the greatest ally. The greatest team. I went into the Novice division with my shoulders hunched … Read More The cherry on top.


Proverbial Unicorn For Sale: Lucky Strike aka Sig

HORSE FOR SALE:   Are you looking for the proverbial unicorn? Well look no further, as Lucky Strike, or “Sig” is exactly that. Sig is the best of all worlds – he is 100% thoroughbred, by the esteemed stallion Northern Afleet out of the Chilean mare Godiva, but unlike the many other thoroughbreds in the world, Sig was not bred to race. In fact, … Read More Proverbial Unicorn For Sale: Lucky Strike aka Sig


What I learned.

I was involved in one of the scariest moments of my life on Friday afternoon. Having just walked my cross country course in preparation for Saturday, I was hustling up the hill to the trailer area at the Kentucky Horse Park.  With the immense growth of the infrastructure of this park, those of us who haul in daily for the shows are relegated a … Read More What I learned.

The Peanut Gallery

Almost a year ago I entered my talented but obnoxious horse into a clinic with one of the top eventers in America. I had ridden with this man numerous times with this horse and knew that he just “got him.” Good ride or bad ride, I came home with plenty of homework and tools in our arsenal for when my horse woke up on … Read More The Peanut Gallery


Where have all the Horsemen gone?

I hum this in my head to the tune of “Where have all the Cowboys gone” by Paula Cole at least once a week, and even moreso this last week as I worked the Keeneland September Yearling Sale. The leg man. The horse whisperer. The foaling guy. The breaking girl. The bread and butter of our industries, people who used to be revered and … Read More Where have all the Horsemen gone?

Have you thanked your horses breeder lately?

I walk up the show ring – back and forward, back and forward. Stand and pose.  Wash, rinse, repeat. It is the annual Keeneland September Yearling Sales, or as us thoroughbred officienados refer to it: The Marathon.  18 days of 5-5. A hundred shows a day per horse. Millions of dollars sold, and hopefully millions of dollars earned. And each time that I arrive … Read More Have you thanked your horses breeder lately?


For the record 

I walked off my XC course on Sunday and just shook my head. A grimace was plastered across my face, and my reins draped across my horses neck. Sweat dripped from his neck and mine, and I took one deep slow breath. Because two jumps from the end, we had had a stop. And not just one stop, but two.  Mak had never seen … Read More For the record 

The Dark Days

I was at the doctors this morning, and upon leaving I stopped at the front desk to schedule my next appointment, knowing that in 5 days my allergy testing were to be read.” “Carleigh, we’ll see you next Tuesday, September 5th.” My head snapped up. September 5th. THE September 5th.  My dark day.  I guess it is a sign of healing that I have … Read More The Dark Days