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A Come to Jesus

The best thing that ever happened to me was graduating college in the recession. It was 2008, and I was one of those kids that entered school with high aspirations of six figure jobs and Doctor in front of my name.  I had gone to a fantastic, albit extremely expensive liberal arts school – one that cost more for four years of education than what … Read More A Come to Jesus


Fairy Godmothers

I am blessed. I have learned that the only way out is through. And that the only way to get through is with a smile on your face, and to be surrounded by good people. The horse industry is full of them.  Good men and women who are there to hold a horse, grab a bucket, or run back to the barn for a … Read More Fairy Godmothers


Defending the suck

I was emailed by the United States Equestrian Federation last week with an inquiry.  Someone had filed a complaint into my amateur status, and they were asking for a rebuttal.  How did I wish to respond to these statements?  Could I defend myself? I responded back to the USEF with a bulleted list of responses.  I told them that I had in fact managed … Read More Defending the suck


The War Horse

I can only write what I know.  And what I know is that there are good people in this world.  I know that decent human beings exist in the horse business.  I have heard that there are bad guys out there, but none of them have directly interacted with me.  Instead, I have been blessed to surround myself with the good guys. Quiet, unassuming, … Read More The War Horse


Judging a book by its cover (or record)

I own a (very) successful graded stakes winner.  He is opinionated, tough, massive, and strong.  He was taught at a young age that he is a champion.  He was told that he was a great.  That he was the best.  And he got away with murder. That horse is now seven years old, and it has taken almost a year of retraining for me … Read More Judging a book by its cover (or record)


Nearness to greatness

It’s like witnessing the Northern Light’s while sitting in the southern hemisphere.  Or experiencing the perfect day, followed by a spectacular sunset.  Like the most amazing vacation, only to find out that it’s fully paid for. It just doesn’t happen. But it is happening this weekend. The stars are aligning. There is a horse in not only both the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky … Read More Nearness to greatness

The greatest distraction possible…

  Yesterday morning, I loaded up two horses.  One to journey 400 miles away, as he adventured off into hunter land in Middleburg, Virgina.  The other to travel only 30, to yet another clinic with the superb and amazing Doug Payne. I knew that this was the best strategy to get through the otherwise devastating day – by staying busy and distracted – two things … Read More The greatest distraction possible…

Gambling on life…

I woke up this morning and sat down with my cup of coffee (lightly sugared) to catch up on the news while my dogs ate their breakfast.  It is my daily “down time” and I relish in it, savoring every last minute and every last drop. As I was sipping on my steaming hot coffee, I heard the news anchors begin to speak of … Read More Gambling on life…


How do you measure a year?

“525,600 minutes. 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes. How do you measure, measure a year?” These lyrics sang in the Broadway musical “Rent” have been weighing heavily on my mind. Tis the season for everybody to begin to speak of their year, telling of triumphs, and failures. Victories, and setbacks. Statuses of show records, and levels competed. Claiming to change their strategy for next … Read More How do you measure a year?


Retraining, not rescuing, the modern day thoroughbred

In the few weeks since I have placed Nixon (Called To Serve, the winner of the dressage discipline at the RRP TB Makeover) on the market, I have been barraged by comments about how he will fall through the cracks due to the fact that I am selling him.  Let me start by saying how insulting this is to an owner, a trainer, a … Read More Retraining, not rescuing, the modern day thoroughbred


Already a winner…

A few months ago, dripping in sweat and battered and bruised, I came home and text messaged my best friend Meghan, telling her that I thought it was time to give Nixon back.  He was as close to dangerous as a horse I had worked with, and I just didn’t see myself getting through to him.  I had been catapulted into the cement, and … Read More Already a winner…

Defending an industry that won’t defend itself…

I’m tired. There is this feeling of worthlessness that enters my body every time that I sign on to the internet, every time that I click open on the comments section of one of my blogs, every time that I go home to Meadville, Pennsylvania, and am barraged by questions about the industry that I love so much.  Today it was slaughter houses, last … Read More Defending an industry that won’t defend itself…