I have contemplated writing a blog to summarize the year, but the words have failed me.  2015 was full of the highest of highs (winning RRP, finally going training level) to the lowest of lows (Mak fracturing his leg, a bad fall on Nixon) and its just hard to summarize the bipolar emotions.  But I started posting some 12 day’s of Christmas on my Facebook, and with some encouragement by some good friends, realize that this is the perfect way to summarize my year.


On the 12th day of Christmas (2015), my true loves (Frank, Mak, and Nixon) gave to me:

12 boards a-broken

Christmas 6
11 antibiotics given
10 events a-missing

Christmas 5
9 trot sets gasping

Christmas 7
8 burrs detangling

Christmas 10
7 rails a-knocking

CHristmas 4
6 shoes for pulling
5 abscesses BLOWN, DUH DUN DUN DUN

4 new tires

Christmas 9
3 horse shows

Christmas 8
2 that I placed in


And 1 training level event without an E!



Thank you all for supporting this blog, and may you and yours (2 and 4 legged) have a VERY Merry Christmas!

Christmas 1

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