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A Come to Jesus

The best thing that ever happened to me was graduating college in the recession. It was 2008, and I was one of those kids that entered school with high aspirations of six figure jobs and Doctor in front of my name.  I had gone to a fantastic, albit extremely expensive liberal arts school – one that cost more for four years of education than what … Read More A Come to Jesus


The War Horse

I can only write what I know.  And what I know is that there are good people in this world.  I know that decent human beings exist in the horse business.  I have heard that there are bad guys out there, but none of them have directly interacted with me.  Instead, I have been blessed to surround myself with the good guys. Quiet, unassuming, … Read More The War Horse

Gambling on life…

I woke up this morning and sat down with my cup of coffee (lightly sugared) to catch up on the news while my dogs ate their breakfast.  It is my daily “down time” and I relish in it, savoring every last minute and every last drop. As I was sipping on my steaming hot coffee, I heard the news anchors begin to speak of … Read More Gambling on life…